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We understand that you rely on your computers and PCs for everything work and leisure. Whether you’re taking a meeting or watching your favorite show, your computer is the one device your day is incomplete without. But what happens when your computer develops issues you can’t figure out by yourself? That’s where we come in! Whether it is a damaged hardware issue or a faulty software concern, you can rely on Mobile Xpert to cater to your needs! Our services are renowned for their excellence, reliability, and affordability, and we strive to maintain that reputation. We go above and beyond to ensure our customers remain satisfied and their problems get resolved in a minimal time. Thanks to our certified technician, we can fix any computer repair and laptop repair problem and ensure it’s working properly again. There has never been a repair concern we couldn’t figure out, so you can rest assured that your faulty computer will be in good hands! If this sounds like the service you were looking for, contact us today!

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Computer Repair North Miami

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Computer Repair Services

Computer Repair Services You Can Trust! North Miami, FL

At Mobile Xpert, we go the extra mile to make sure our customers can rely on our services. Doesn’t matter what model or brand your computer is; if there’s a repair concern, you can come to us without a second thought! Thanks to our unmatched knowledge, skills, and experience, we’re confident that we can make your computers get back in mint condition. Our computer repair services include but are not limited to the following:

Keyboard Repair

If your keyboard has missing or faulty keys, it can be a challenge to perform daily typing tasks at work. But don’t worry! Bring your keyboard to us and we’ll replace the missing keys with new ones. Your keyboard will look as good as new!

Monitor Repair

Having a broken monitor or a blue screen is never fun. It can halt your productivity and efficiency at work. That’s why we provide excellent monitor repairs, performed in a minimal time. Let us give your damaged monitor the makeover it deserves!

Motherboard Repair

If your computer system is completely dead, take that as a red sign that your motherboard is damaged. In that case, we urge you to rush to a professional repair technician like us who can fix it for you right away. We at Mobile Xpert can handle complex motherboard repair concerns in a minimal time, so feel free to reach out to us!

Speed Optimization

If your computer lags a lot or freezes mid-use, it’s a sign that it needs speed optimization service. Bring it to us and we can perform it for you in a minimal time! We’re here to make it simpler for you to run heavy software and complex operations, so visit us today! If these sound like the services you’ve been looking for, look no further than Mobile Xpert. We’ve got you covered for all computer repair concerns, so feel free to book your appointment today!

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“The people at this phone store are amazing, from the first pleasant greeting to expert advice and professionalism. Last year, I purchased a used computer there, and the kids in Haiti loved it. Recently my old computer was upgraded by Ruben and Alix. I would highly recommend any technical assistance to these guys.

“They were excellent in helping me fix the glass on my blackberry. They stayed persistent until it was all done properly. They were honest and reliable I would definitely use them again.

“Christina and Adrianna are Very Nice ! Well mannered help me everytime I come in never have an issue always greeted with kindness and a friendly Hello. They make me laugh all the time best repair shop in North Miami! Thank you Mobile Xpert great experience and awesome technician.”